Christian Pages Affiliate Plan

Become a affiliate and enjoy the benefits...

  • Generous payments for each advertiser you refer that reserves the Enhanced Listing or the Ultimate Bundle on the web directory - $10.00 per advertiser.
  • Automated referral tracking with your affiliate ID.
  • Monthly reporting and payment processing. helps you promote your Affiliate Program...

  • We provide banner ads and links for your web site.
  • Text to use when announcing the Affiliate Program at church or committee meetings.
  • Print ads for church bulletins.
  • Flyers for students to take home from school.
  • The web directory is promoted everyday on Christian Radio.

How much does it cost?

  • NOTHING, it's absolutely FREE to Christian churches, schools, non-profit organizations, advertisers, and individuals.

What do I have to do?

  • Simply say yes and your Affiliation is immediately in process.
  • Complete the online Affiliate application form.
  • Upon approval, within 48 hours, we will forward you everything you need to get started.

Is it really that easy?

  • YES.
  • Simply link one of our web banners to your web site - direct your business members to your site, have them click on the link. When they sign up to advertise, your school, church or organization receives a generous donation.

  Performance Fee Structure
  • You receive a payment of $10.00 for every paid advertiser, referred from your web site, who reserves any paid advertising package.
  • Whether your web site refers one or one hundred new business sign-ups, you can always maintain your Affiliate status regardless of volume.
  • As long as you continue as an Affiliate, there is no cap on the funds you receive.
  • Payments are automatically processed every month.
How much does it cost to become an Affiliate?
  • Churches, Schools, Non-Profit Organizations, Advertisers, and Individuals can join absolutely FREE
Frequently Asked Questions
I am not a church, school, business or organization. Can I become an Affiliate?
Yes! Anyone, including consumers, who support and endorse Christian Pages mission statement above, can become an Affiliate and get paid commissions. Commissions are paid on those businesses you direct to the web site that sign up to advertise. Please be must either have an active web site, or explain what other methods you will use to promote, via e-mail, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, telemarketing, etc.
How does choose which Affiliate applications to approve?
  • All application information must be accurate and verifiable.
  • You must either have an active web site, or explain what other methods you will use to promote via member e-mail lists, weekly bulletins, student flyer, etc. If you do not have a web site, will issue you a promo code which can then be effectively tracked.
  • Affiliate web sites cannot contain any of the following:
    • Adult or mature content
    • Any profane or inappropriate language
    • References to illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
    • Violent or hateful content
    • Anything that references illegal content or promotion thereof
    • Any Pro-choice/Pro-abortion references or links
    • Any insulting references to ethnic background, culture, or religion
  • How do I apply?
    Simply create an affiliate account. If you still have questions, call us and an Associate will be happy to assist you.
    How do I promote my Affiliate Program to make it profitable?
    Following your approval as an Affiliate, you will place the banner link(s) on your web site. Visitors to your web site will become aware of the opportunity. But don't stop there! All Affiliates will be provided with an electronic advertising media kit for their Affiliate Program. All of these components are totally free to Affiliates. We will provide suggestions for weekly church bulletin announcements; flyer designs for students to take home from school for support; suggested e-mail text to reach the members of your organization. If your Church, School or Organization needs to more aggressively generate donations for a focused project, suggested telephone scripts will be provided for staff members which will assist them in making professional and courteous contacts to business owners who are connected to your organization. It is important to be aware that there is a tremendous advantage and opportunity to businesses who advertise on
    More questions?
    For any additional questions, please e-mail us at:
    Or call us 9:00am - 5pm Toll Free at 1-888-503-8500